About Strandplast AS

Strandplast is a leading company in the recycling of plastic waste from breweries in the Nordic countries. The company was established in 1969, first as a pipe manufacturing company,
today the main activity is recycling. We collect and minimize plastics on more than 10 different locations in Scandinavia, in addition we have mobile recycling plants that offer flexible solutions to our customers. We have established a new company (1999) in Sweden, in order to serve the Swedish and Danish markets.

We can offer the following in recycling:

• Mobile granulators with large capacities
• Permanent installations when recycling large quantities
• Washing and drying of thermoplastics (HDPE/PP/LDPE etc)
• Reprocessing of PET-bottles and PET flakes
• Pelletizing of HDPE-LDPE-PP
• Production of pipes; drainage pipes-special purpose pipes

We can offer the following products:

• HDPE regrind (washed/unwashed) or pelletized
• PP regrind (washed/unwashed) or pelletized
• PET reprocessed flakes for textile and sheet film producers
• PET flakes and briquettes
• Pipes for agriculture, cable pipes, special purpose


Strand, Osen Kommune, Norway

• Production of pipes
• Recycling of PET
• Pelletizing of PE-PP

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